Code of Conduct

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We recognise that to make children feel valued and to enhance the learning and development of those who attend our setting, a positive and effective partnership with Parents / Carers is essential and so this is encouraged at all times.

  • We will provide a warm secure environment, which will enable each child to develop personally, socially and emotionally.

  • Children will be valued and respected as individuals and encouraged to do the same for others.

  • Children will be encouraged to share and say please and thank you.

  • Children’s behaviour will be monitored and positively managed.

  • Children will be asked to say sorry if they hurt another child.

  • Staff will work with parents/carers for the good of the children.

  • Staff will be good role models for children at all times.

  • Staff will be aware of the need for confidentiality in professional practice. Confidential information received should not be disclosed unless required by law or to protect the interest or welfare of the child.

  • Standards of hygiene will be maintained at all times and children given positive direction. Safety is a priority and standards will be maintained in all areas.

  • Staff will report all accidents to the Nursery Manager they will be logged and assessed and reported to parents as soon as possible or on collection of the child.

  • No person shall discriminate against any child or parent on grounds of race, culture, religion, gender, disability, lifestyle or sexuality will not be tolerated.

  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the Toy Box site.

  • The use of mobile phones and cameras are not permitted within the nursery.

  • Violence or abusive behaviour including bad language will not be tolerated.

  • Parents will have access to Nursery Policies. These can be accessed via the web site, or alternatively copies are kept in the Reception.

Health and Illness

What if my child is unwell?

The nursery will not undertake the care of sick children. If a child becomes ill during the session, the nursery will make every effort to contact the parents who will be requested to collect their child as soon as possible. In most cases when a child is sent home we feel it would be beneficial for the child to see a doctor. Please notify the nursery if you are aware that your child has an illness or is feeling unwell. The following exclusion times are required for infectious diseases: -

Chicken Pox - Children will be excluded from the nursery on suspicion of chicken pox. If confirmed the child may not return until all of the spots have scabbed over.

Conjunctivitis - children will not be excluded unless they are feeling particularly unwell. However if there are a number of cases of conjunctivitis at the nursery, you may be advised to keep your child away until their infection has cleared up.

Impetigo - Children will be excluded on suspicion of this infection. If confirmed the child may not return until the symptoms have completely cleared up.

Diarrhoea/Vomiting - Children will be excluded if showing either of these symptoms and may not return for a period of 48 hours after the symptoms have ceased.

Coughs and colds - Please do not bring your child to the nursery if he/she is feeling unwell.

Rubella (German Measles) - Children will be excluded on suspicion of German Measles. If confirmed, children will not be able to return for one week from the onset of the rash.

Measles - Children will be excluded on suspicion and if confirmed will not be allowed to return for one week from the onset of the rash.

Mumps - Children will be excluded on suspicion and if confirmed will not be allowed to return for a minimum period of one week and the swelling has gone.

Whooping Cough - Children will be excluded on suspicion and will not be able to return, if confirmed, for a period of one week after the start of antibiotics.

Scabies - Children will be excluded for 48 hours after treatment has been received.

Head lice and nits - Children will not be excluded but all parents will be informed if any cases are found in the nursery so that parents can check their child’s hair. Regular wet combing methods are recommended to prevent outbreaks.

Hand, Foot & Mouth - Children will not be excluded but parents will be advised of any cases within the nursery.

For your information, we will display notices of infectious illness prominently, normally on the parent notice board near the front door. Please inform us if your child is unwell and unable to attend the nursery.


Staff may administer prescribed medicines to children. These must have the child’s name and dosage on the label. On arrival at the nursery, parents should inform the staff of requirements, a medicine form will be completed and parents will be required to sign to give consent. For non- prescribed medicines, please speak to a senior staff for information. Generally, only suspension fluids will be administered for the relief of teething problems or for reduction of a fever. Where possible, medication should always be given to the child by the parent at home and parents must advise the nursery of anything given at home.


Please inform us when your child has had a recent vaccination as, although they may suffer no immediate after effects, they may do so at a later stage we will also update your child’s information.

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