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Babies-aged 3 months to 2 years

The baby room is for up to 6 babies. Our highly qualified and experienced baby room staff will consult with parents/carers before your babies come to us so that we can offer the same care as you would at home. The free flow nursery design also allows your baby to spend some time with older children in the toddler room. Our purposely designed sensory baby garden is the perfect environment for your baby to spend time outdoors.

Toddlers aged 2 to 3 years

With their growing skills in mobility and language the toddler room for up to 12 children provides a wide range of activities that will challenge and keep your toddler entertained. With free-flow access to the outdoor gardens and play areas your toddler will have lots of opportunities to explore and gain independence while being closely supervised by experience staff.

Pre-school aged 3 to 5 years

Our pre-school room is an ideal setting for your child when they getting ready for the transition to school. Although the children still learn through play, they are also introduced to other activities more associated with an education environment. Building your child’s independence is high on the agenda so along with the tactics used in our other nursery rooms we also introduce further independence building approaches. Our Gardens We think of the garden as another area to learn, explore and have fun. We believe it is very important that all children get plenty of physical activity and fresh air throughout the day. The garden area has lots of activities to keep the children busy with bikes, cars and scooters as well as water play, bug corner and a purpose built planting area where children can grow their own plants. Our Web cams You can choose to be part of your child’s day any time you want to. During that coffee break at home or at lunch time while at work at your desk, it’s fun to log on to the nursery web cam and watch your child at play. But it’s not just fun, it’s reassuring too, especially for new parents to see their children are happy. It’s a way of linking our nursery with parents at any hour of the nursery day.

Our Nursery Team

  • David Brown - Owner/Managing Director
  • Jackie Brown - Owner/Manager/Safeguarding officer
  • Leigh-Anne Ives - Deputy Manager/SENCO/Baby Room Senior
  • Charlotte Endericks - Baby Room Senior
  • Natasha Jhamut - Toddler Room Senior
  • Zoe Anderson - Pre-School Room Senior/Imagination Library co-ordinator
  • Lindsay Howson - Pre-School Room Senior
  • Nicole Ives - Special Education Senior

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